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Packing Tips and Tricks

We have the know-how you need.

Here is a list of my FAVORITE travel products!

(I was not paid by any of these companies, these are just my tried and true go to travel products!)

rick steves euro bag.jpg

Rick Steve's Euro Flight Bag

Why I Love It:

I love that this bag opens from the top, ALL THE WAY! no more digging and moving items around, I find what I need immediately. It is also well organized and easy to maintain.

Shoe carrier.jpg

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

Why I Love It:

I always use these, even if my suitcase has shoe pockets. They keep any dirt, or other nasties, off my clothes or other items in my suitcase. They are nylon, so they are collapsible, and molding, allowing them to form around your shoes, so if you don't have shoe pockets and you need to shove these into your suitcase, it's easy to do!

travel sage.jpg

PacSafe Travelsafe 5l Gii Anti-Theft Portable Safe-Utility

Why I Love It:

So, this isn't the model I have, but the one I own is currently not for sale, but this one is similar. What I love, is you can securely travel with your personal belongings, and keep them safe. We use this for our passports, credit cards, and extra cash, you can attach it to something in your hotel room that is not going anywhere, or hide it in your suit case. Many people swear by money belts to keep your documents safe, but against popular opinion, I do not use them, I find them bulky and uncomfortable, so we use our travel safe as an alternative. Just remember to grab it on your way out of your hotel!

cord ties.jpg

Nite Ize Original Gear Tie

Why I Love It:

We use these on all our cords, it keeps all the charging cables organized and they don't tangle up, so it's easy to find what is needed! I use a small cosmetic bag (pictured next to this one) to hold all my electronic extras. 

space pen.jpg

Fisher Space Pen - Non-Reflective 

Why I Love It:

I always carry a pen, because you never know what forms you need to fill out when travelingand on flights I prefer a space, or astronaut, pen because you can use them at any angle, and you don't have to worry about the cabin pressure changing and the pen exploding. 

rick steves hideaway tote.jpg

 Rick Steve's Hide-Away Tote Bag

Why I Love It:

This bag packs away into its own little front pocket, it's small and light weight. I always pack it on trips incase I buy to many souvenirs and gifts, and then I put my clothes and extra pairs of shoes in this bag and check it at the airport. Its super durable, I've checked it several times and it still looks like new!

luggage scale.jpg

 Digital Luggage Scale

Why I Love It:

I try to only fly with a carry-on, even internationally, and this is a must have for those flights, as many airline carriers now not only check your luggage size, but also weigh it, and you don't want to be over on weight and paying the oversized fees, or worse, having to then pay to check your bag!

seat pac.jpg

Flight 001 Seat Pak

Why I Love It:

This Seat Pac is amazing for  flights. It offers great organization, and you can hang it on the tray lock in front of you, that way you aren't using the seat pocket, and forgetting any items, just put everything in here!

Kate spade cosmetic bag.jpg

Kate Sapde New York Jodi Travel Case

Why I Love It:

I don't use this bag for it's intended purposes,  I use it to hold all my electronics! Its size is perfect for cables, cords, power adapters, portable chargers, and more. It's soft sided, allowing it to collapse and fit into the nooks and crannies of any suitcase!


Adult EarPlanes® Ear Plugs Airplane Travel Ear Protection

Why I Love It:

These are a game changer for anyone who suffers from earaches when flying. I have suffered for years, and when I discovered these, it made flying 100xs better, I no longer dread flying, or feel pain for days after landing. They also make these in children sizes. 

pack it cubes.jpg


Why I Love It:

These packing cubes are amazing! They really do help save space, and compress my clothes,, plus it's an easy way to keep my clothes organized! They are machine 


Current Converter plug in.jpg

BESTEK International Power Converter

Why I Love It:

I never leave the country without this power converter! Yes, you can buy adapters, but then you also need to buy a small converter if you plan on bringing anything other then you phone or laptop that will automatically convert. I don't travel with a hair-dryer as most hotels and B&Bs have them, but for me, I need my curling iron or straightener and my husband might need his electric razor, or whatever else you travel with, and this will charge your phone, tablets, laptops, and still let you curl your hair!

tsa approved liquids.jpg

Flight 001 Quart Bag

Why I Love It:

It's rigged, and sturdy, and light-weight. It keeps my items organized and I don't worry about them getting squished and my liquids spilling all over. It keeps it shape, and therefore easy to pack!

Kate spade pouch.jpg

Kate Spade New York Nylon Large Pouch

Why I Love It:

Again, I don't use this for it's intended purpose, I love these for my snacks, pills and jewelry! They lie flat, don't take up much room, and hold a surprising amount of items. I pouch use one for each item, it helps keep me neat and organized. 

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