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Image by Matthew Brodeur


Hawai'i, a tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean, is more accessible than you think! Hawai'i consists of 137 islands that span over 1500 miles. There are Six main islands open for tourism: 


Kaua'i: Mystically Green

O'ahu: The Gathering Place

Maui: Romance Inspired

Hawai'i: Laid back and Creative

Moloka'i: Slow and Friendly 

Lãna'i: Hidden Gem

It's a great place to travel, as you get to experience and immerse yourself in the beautiful Hawaiian culture and history, and you don't even need a passport! 

South Pacific Islands

"Ours is Yours" - South Pacific Tourism Organisation

When we picture the South Pacific Islands, one of the first images hat comes to our heads are the cute little hut over the water (see photo!), and beautiful clear blue seas. The South Pacific is home to thousands of gorgeous untouched and private islands, but of course there are many islands available for tourism. Some of the most popular islands include:

Bora Bora




Cook Islands

America Samoa

Solomon Islands

New Caledonia



Papa New Guinea

Image by Damien Chaudet
Image by Alex wong

Australia and 

New Zealand

There are so many reason to visit Australia and New Zealand.



Did you know that Australia is nearly the same size as the continental US? Making it equally diverse and unique.With so many good reasons to visit Australia, like its diverse landscapes, friendly locals, home to many world class beaches, wineries, and a long list of amazing 'bucket list' experiences, it's clear why so many travelers flock to Australia! 

New Zealand

Has a dazzling wealth of breathtaking scenery, friendly and fun-loving people, plenty of things to see and do, mouthwatering food and wine and a vibe that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Plus, it is safe and easy to travel, making it accessible to everyone even if you don't have a lot of travel experience.

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