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River Cruises


Ocean Liners

These are both incredible ways to travel, and sometimes, the price seems a bit much upfront, but the value you get in the long run is actually quite comparable. Especially if you start adding up traveling on your own, paying for all your meals, activities, hotels, transportation, etc. There is a reason people love cruising and continue to cruise over and over again! 

Choosing between a river cruise and an ocean cruise can be challenging. Let's first talk about what you get with both, before we discuss the differences. On both types you get your accommodations, transportation, and all your meals. 


Now, let's discuss the differences. River cruises are now offering excursions at all your ports of call, many will offer multiple excursions per port, doing anything from your typical site seeing tours to more specialist tours such as cooking classes, bike tours, morning runs, beer/wine tours, and so much more, and the best part, these don't cost anything extra, they are included in your fare! River cruises also tend to be more laid back, and geared towards couples, honeymooners, retirees, and that's because many are adults-only, though some are starting to aim more towards the family-friendly crowd, but it's typically older children only.  River cruises are less crowded and more intimate, allowing you to get to know your fellow cruisers. They also can get you right to the sights, up close, and there for you don't have to wait to be escorted into your port, allowing you more time to spend exploring. 


Ocean liners offer so many activities on board, majority of them included in the cost of your fare. Ocean liners tend to gear more towards a family friendly environment, with lots of activities, and lots of energized fun! Ocean liners offer so much as far as entertainment goes, all trying to out-do the next. With theaters, Broadway level shows, on-board ice-rinks, shopping districts to make any luxury shopper jealous, gardens to stroll through, casinos, night clubs, spas, and ports of call that are only available to their cruisers, it makes traveling both fun and adventurous! They are amazing floating cities that you never even need to leave it! 

Choosing you're style of cruising may be a hard choice, or you maybe not! The next difficult choice will be choosing your destination! Both are fantastic ways to travel, and you only have to unpack once!

Image by Peter Hansen
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